This week on In Search of a Song: Gene Parsons (part 1)

This week we have a special (Part 1) of a three part interview with singer/songwriter/mulit-instrumentalist and inventor Gene Parsons. Gene played with The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, among others with his friend Clarence White. He also designed and still builds the “B-Bender” string bender which revolutionized the country rock sound forever.



Rhonda’s Reviews: Iris DeMent Part 1


Iris Dement: Part 1 – Review

1n 1995, America bid farewell to the award winning TV series Northern Exposure. As our favorite characters offered one last moment of reflection, the lights began to darken, the moon shone bright over the misty town, and cloven-hoofed Mort took one last stroll across the street of Cicely, Alaska. It was shutdown time but not until the captivating vocals in the background of Iris Dement singing her hit song ‘Our Town’ fell silent, and the credits began to roll. The song itself was well chosen and befitting of the finale, but it holds special meaning for Iris Dement as penning the lyrics led to an epiphanous moment in her life. She had finally received her long yearned for ‘calling’–her purpose in life.

Iris Dement is known as one of America’s most notable singer/songwriters. She’s a powerful and evocative vocalist with a literary gift for penning profound lyrics, a complex artist, and musical storyteller who draws upon her ‘gospel roots’ as inspiration. Recently, host Jason Wilber, while touring with Iris Dement promoting her new album, ‘Sing The Delta’, had the opportunity to interview this fabulous artist about her life and music. Their friendship developed back in the days when she collaborated with John Prine, singing four duets on his album ‘In Spite of Ourselves’, with the title song later becoming a “cult” hit. In Part 1 of this 2 Part interview Iris Dement takes us back to where it all began. Continue reading