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How do I get my RSS feed to show up in my Firefox toolbar?

Well, many ways… but here’s one suggestion!
Open “View” in Firefox, then “Toolbars” and activate “Bookmarks Toolbar”.  Then in my Firefox “Tools” section, open “Options”, then “Applications”, and then scroll down to “Web Feeds”. On the right of this option you will find a drop down box, select “Add live bookmarks in Firefox”.  Now when you get to any site that has an RSS feed, you will automatically see a small orange RSS icon in your address bar. When you click on it, you’ll see a prompt to add it to your bookmarks toolbar. Do it, and you’re all set! The title will show up and you can see the latest post.  Right click on the particular RSS site, and you will see an option to “Reload Live Bookmark”… this will manually update the posts for you.
There are lots of ways to see RSS feeds, but this is my favorite, and I like to use Firefox.

Click here to subscribe to an RSS feed to be updated when there is a new Beyond a Song post.


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