Beyond a Song: Jared Tyler

Jared Tyler is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and who has twice lived in Nashville. He’s now happily rooted back in the Tulsa community where he grew up. He made his debut with the release of Blue Allelujia, an album produced by Ruse Titleman on Walking Liberty Records in New York City. He’s been the supporting act for many artists such as Emmylou Harris, Nickle Creek, Merle Haggard, and many more. Jared has recorded eight albums with his sideman, Malcolm Holcolm, and toured throughout North America with the likes of Billy Bragg, Merle Haggared, Shelby Lynne and Wilco. Before we get into the interview, let’s hear some of his music. This is Jared Tyler.



About Executive Producer Rich Reardin

Rich Reardin is the Executive Producer of IN SEARCH OF A SONG with Jason WIlber. Rich is a radio producer, recording engineer, artist, cartoonist, and musician.
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