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Eli’s Review – Willy Vlautin 11.26.12

This spotlight on Willy Vlautin made me realize how different someones perspective on genre tags can really be. We all use them, and we often can base a decision on whether or not to listen to a band on them. So, … Continue reading

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Upcoming show with Willie Vlautin; Check out ‘Motel Life’ based on his book!

Motel Life  written by Willie Vlautin

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Eli’s Review; Over The Rhine 11.7.12

This band is the reason I was more than happy to contribute my words to this blog, and this series. I’ve been listening week in and week out, waiting to hear something that connected on that level. That level where you … Continue reading

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This week on In Search of a Song: Over The Rhine

This week guest host Jim Manion interviews Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist of Over The Rhine, with some new songs and a great live interview at the WFHB studio in Bloomington, Indiana. OVER THE RHINE WEBSITE

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Eli’s Review; Adrian Belew Part 1- 11.14.12

Adrien Belew kind of falls in that tier of guitar players you’ve heard of, and who you owe something to, but don’t realize the body of the work he has created or contributed to until you spend an hour listening to … Continue reading

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Eli’s Review; Bob Johnston Part Two 11.1.12

Well, they’re at it again! In hour two Executive Producer Rich Reardin gets inside the stories and the head of one of the most amazing and prolific producers in music history,  Bob Johnston. In part one we got a glimpse … Continue reading

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