Rhonda’s Reviews: Georgia Middleman


She hails from south Texas, is relatively unknown to the masses, and is currently gracing the stage across the country as a member of the new pop/country group, Blue Sky Riders, alongside super talents, Kenny Loggins, and her husband Gary Burr. She’s Georgia Middleman, Nashville’s respected and sought after songwriter who has penned chart topping songs for some of the most successful artists in the music capital.

This interview opens with the song, ‘Little Victories’, from Blue Sky Rider’s debut album, ‘Finally Home’. This is the one song off the album that I think showcases her vocal talent at it’s best. A voice that is unforgettable, distinct, melodic with a sound of youthful innocence, and harmonically blended with vocals from Loggins and Burr. If you’ve listened to their album you know that the harmonics are magical.

Her story is as sweet as she is endearing and in some ways it seems like her life has come full circle. After all, she now sings along side an artist she grew up listening to. It’s interesting to hear how challenges push people towards their fate or chosen life path and it’s obvious that hers began at a very young age and went fast forward. Despite growing up in a supportive familial and musical environment that provided all the elements, at times aggressively, to be a successful singer, she struggled to find what was most comfortable and safest, eventually carving out her niche in songwriting. Sure it’s impressive to hear that she sang in honkytonks before she was a teen, and she opened for the great Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, but you get a clear sense when she talks about her experience that it must have been terrifying for her.

Despite all the milestones she crossed on her path to becoming a successful songwriter she remains bashful and humble with her ego in check. After all she just wanted to have her songs recorded by others and she’s had great success with a slew of country artists doing just that. My personal favorite was Keith Urban’s, ‘I’m In’.

Today she’s on a new path, as a member of the Blue Sky Riders, and one that will allow us to see the real Georgia Middleman showcase her talent as a songwriter and vocalist. I’m sure Kenny Loggins knew all along that she would be the chosen one and her husband was likely passing off the big wink as he asked her if she knew any female singers. It won’t be surprising to see this trio walking every red carpet event in the near future and off the stages with multiple awards.

As you can tell, I took great joy in learning about this fabulous songstress and I understand why Executive Producer, Rich Reardin favored this episode so much. Having listened to Kenny Loggins a couple of weeks ago and now this one, I can’t wait to hear Rich finalize the triad of interviews when he’s joined by iconic songwriter, Gary Burr.


Rhonda McDonald

About Executive Producer Rich Reardin

Rich Reardin is the Executive Producer of IN SEARCH OF A SONG with Jason WIlber. Rich is a radio producer, recording engineer, artist, cartoonist, and musician.
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