Eli’s Review; Adrian Belew conclusion – 12.14.12


Apologies for the delay in reviews for the last few weeks; life did it’s best to get in the way of my process. I am going to post two reviews today, so keep your reading glasses close.

Adrian Belew concludes his 3-part interview with host Jason Wilber by discussing his real passion within music, and something I can totally and wholly relate to; the studio, and the documentation of his art. He opens the hour by discussing how building a studio of his own, within his own home, and hiring an engineer to move in and help him document and build his catalog.

“We work whenever I want to, and we work frequently”.

This kind of process allows Belew to maintain a prolific profile; he is able to afford himself the opportunity to take on what outsiders might consider over indulgence as a component of what drives him creatively. He states the stage and the road are fine, and he loves an audience, but it not what truly drives him. He loves to create, be in his environment, and have the freedom to do those things whenever the notion strikes him.

Even if Belew’s music isn’t your cup, per se, you can’t deny that the process he embodies enables him to explore the deepest reaches of his creativity. As shown in the musical selections on the show, Belew isn’t forced to make animal noises and obscure arrangements or live in some sort of post-Zappa tribute territory; there is plenty of pop in his catalog. He is clearly inspired by more than left of center songwriters, and by feeling free to cut music at a mere whim, he is able to uncover all of these sides of his work.

So while he was discovered for the virtuoso nature of his playing, he hasn’t been forced to stay there. By wisely choosing to provide himself a place to harbor his creativity, he can put art into the world that shows all sides of his creativity.  Really, this is the musicians dream, is it not? To hone your chops under strong and strident teachers, and then move on into a world that you inhabit solely. A creative space that is your own, and on your time and dime.

Belew speaks passionately about how his music, and that he is able to do it on his terms, and under his own watch. He embodies the dream, he cares about his craft, and he is doing things the right way.

About Executive Producer Rich Reardin

Rich Reardin is the Executive Producer of IN SEARCH OF A SONG with Jason WIlber. Rich is a radio producer, recording engineer, artist, cartoonist, and musician.
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