This weeks show: Our Searchlight song contest winners from 2011/2010 up now on PRX!

This week we’re proud to present six of the last 12 winners of our yearlong SEARCHLIGHT songwriting competition.
Presented in part 1 is:
Dean Batstone
Gina Cimmelli
Laura Zucker
Fontaine James
Steve Grimes
Pan Morigan

We’d also like to mention that the LOTUS WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming to Bloomington, Indiana September 22-25th, 2011. For more information about this great festival in our hometown please click on the Visit Bloomington link here.

About Executive Producer Rich Reardin

Rich Reardin is the Executive Producer of IN SEARCH OF A SONG with Jason WIlber. Rich is a radio producer, recording engineer, artist, cartoonist, and musician.
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