Series shows, and when to expect them


We have been deluged with people asking when to expect the second segments of various shows we’ve published already on PRX. Rather than bring you a series of shows on the same artists, the second or third part will come sometime later, but framed by other artists. We want to offer a variety of artists to you, and since we’ve re-tooled our program, we felt that was the best way to start. Eventually, our archive will grown enough that you’ll have all of the series available.  Remember when they said on Batman?  “Find out what happens on our next program…Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!”  The good news is that each week you will get a quality program with quality artists, and the next parts of the series shows are guaranteed to come soon!

We hope that you will come back weekly and make In Search of a Song part of your routine!

Rich Reardin
Executive Producer
In Search of a Song with Jason Wilber


About Executive Producer Rich Reardin

Rich Reardin is the Executive Producer of IN SEARCH OF A SONG with Jason WIlber. Rich is a radio producer, recording engineer, artist, cartoonist, and musician.
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